The Workshop "Development of e-Health in Ukraine"

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Title File ukr File eng
The seminar program Порядок денний семiнару 27-28 квiтня 2016 року_114.pdf
Information for participants of a seminar Iнформацiя для учасникiв сеиiнару_115.pdf
A.Babchenko. eHealth in Ukraine: current status and prospects gaps А.Бабченко. eHealth Vision_Ukr_116.pptx А.Бабченко. eHealth Vision_Eng_117.pptx
Z.Sabic. Elements of eHealth environment; What needs to be implemented? Why? Z.Sabic. eHealth Framework ukr_118.pptx Z.Sabic. eHealth Framework eng_119.pptx
C.Hamilton. A look at progress in the development of eHealth in the European Region C.Hamilton. Experience in eHealth implementation_Ukr_120.pptx C.Hamilton. Experience in eHealth implementation_Eng_121.pptx
Z.Sabic. Strategic and Architectural Options for Effective Implementation and Integration Z.Sabic. eHealth Architectures ukr_122.pptx Z.Sabic. eHealth Architectures eng_123.pptx
C.Hamilton. The process of building a national eHealth strategy for Ukraine C.Hamilton. The process of building a national eHealth strategy for Ukraine_ukr_124.pptx C.Hamilton. The process of building a national eHealth strategy for Ukraine_eng_125.pptx
A.Novek. Estonian Health Information System overview A.Novek. 20160427 Estonian HIS overview_u_126.pptx A.Novek. 20160427 Estonian HIS overview_e_127.pptx
N.Ducinskas. Lithuania eHealth Overview N.Ducinskas. Lithuania eHealth Overview_u_128.ppt N.Ducinskas. Lithuania eHealth Overview_e_129.pptx
V.Muzyka. The impact of the World Bank on the development of e Health in Ukraine В.Музика. Интервенция проекта_130.pptx V.Muzyka. Interventions of the WB Project eng_139.pptx
A.Kovalenko. Standardisation (which is a priority, what we do is how we do it, institutionalization, a decision on the content) О.Коваленко. Стандартизация_131.ppt
A.Babchenko. Data security and building a comprehensive information security system (stages under the law, especially) А.Бабченко. ProtectedData_132.pptx
S.Dyachenko. The role and place of information technology in the reform of the financing system С.Дяченко - Роль ИКТ в реформе системы финансирования (prn)_133.pdf
O.Kolesnyk. National Cancer Registry Ukraine О.Колесник. Cancer реестр укр_134.ppt О.Колесник. Cancer реестр анг_135.ppt
M.Sokolov. Register of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions М.Соколов. Реестр ПКВ, 2016_136.pptx M.Sokolov. Reestr PCI, 2016_137.pptx
V.Muzyka. Regional projects and their needs В.Музика. Регiональнi проекти_138.pptx V.Muzyka. Regions Of Project eng_140.pptx
Y. Kozlov. National solutions of identifications eID eHealth event 2016_Kozlov_141.pptx