Notification of Contract Award CQ -

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Notification of Contract Award

Project Name: “Serving People, Improving Health”

Subproject: “Support to Health Care System Reform of

Dnipropetrovsk oblast”

Country: Ukraine

Project No.: 8475-UA


Action plan code: CQ -

Action plan name: “Holding of pollings with further data processing; Holding public opinion surveys for the year 2018”.

Subject matter of Contract: conducting a survey (using the in-depth interviews method) among the population of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in the year 2019 for the year 2018, for the purpose of (і) defining the level of public awareness of the treatment and prevention of CVDs, attitude towards medical workers and (іі) discovering and studying social problems, related to health care and medical care, with the role of public health and capacity to work in the social framework development.

Bidder, to whom the Contract has been awarded:

Name: “Sotsiologichna grupa “Rating”, LLC (Ukraine).

Address: Kyiv, 3 I. Mazepy Str., 01010, Ukraine.

Contract price (attained by way of negotiations): USD 16,440.00.

Other participants, which participated in the Bidding:

  • Consortium of PJSC Statinformconsulting Information Analytics Agency (Ukraine) and Ukrainian Center for Social Reforms Non-Profit Organization (Ukraine)
  • Subsidiary company of the Institute of sociology at the National academy of sciences “Yuriy Saenko Social expertise center”.