A Meeting of the Subproject Managment Unit of Lviv OSA

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On September 22 was held another regular meeting of the Subproject "Preventive oncology and the implementation of effective anti-tumour technologies in the Lviv oblast" Management Unit.
The participants discussed financial issues, such as: registry of funds and a budget request for 2016; reviewed a list of foreign institutions on the basis of which the experts from the Lviv oblast will be able to undergo training and to get familiarized with modern methods of preventive oncology practices. As a result of the discussion, the participants took a decision to submit requests for undergoing training by the specialists.
An important item on the agenda was consideration of the World Bank's comments and making amendments in accordance it to the technical requirements for medical devices in the framework of the preparation for the procurement procedures. It was agreed to make corrections and to resubmit the technical specification for approval of the World Bank's experts.
The next meeting of the Subproject Management Group is scheduled for 09.30.2015.
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