May 12th - World Day of Struggle with arterial hypertension

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May 12th - World Day of Struggle
with arterial hypertension
As part of the on-site press tour in Gozhuliv's out-patient department of family medicine, a briefing was held. The head physician of the Poltava Regional Clinical Cardiology Center Kostyantyn Vakulenko told reporters about the current issues of prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension.
"Arterial hypertension is called" a quiet killer ", which affects more than 30% of the planet's population. In this case, both Ukraine and the Poltava region are no exception. Each year, this disease is detected in 1 million Ukrainians, in our country there are over 12 million people with hypertension. About 35% of Poltava residents have high blood pressure! These figures can not but worry. "
Kostyantyn Evgenievich said that you need to know each of us about his health, his blood pressure and the exact risks of getting sick with this disease.
The main risk factors, says the doctor, are divided into those that can not be changed. These include: age and gender, since men who are older than 60 are more likely to be ill. And there are risk factors that can be changed to help prevent the onset of the disease and its complications: first of all, it is hypodynamia, passive lifestyle, excessive body weight, increased blood sugar, and the presence of bad habits (alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, which increases the risk of developing three times hypertension).
"By influencing these risk factors, we can protect against the onset of a terrible disease. After all, the presence of high pressure itself is already a prerequisite for the emergence in the future of such dangerous human health complications as a stroke and myocardial infarction. Unfortunately, they often take away the lives of our relatives and relatives ", - said V.Vakulenko.
 So, if your family had hypertension, you should be alert. Keep track of blood pressure regularly, at least once a year, perform blood tests on biochemical parameters and sugar levels. Increased cholesterol and sugar levels are alarming signals that you need to take immediate action. First of all, you should completely abandon bad habits and pay attention to the diet of your food. You will have to refuse, or at least limit the use of spicy seasoning, salt, animal fats. It is better to eat more fruits daily. And while cooking, prefer the cooking and baking. However, not only a diet is a guarantee of overcoming hypertension. It is necessary to radically change the way of life. First of all - avoid psycho-emotional and physical overload, do not let fatigue, monitor the weight of the body.
And if hypertension has already begun to know, take time, urgently go to the family doctor who will choose the treatment that is right for you and do not practice self-medication!
"It's always easier to prevent it than to cure. Periphrasing one of the famous statements, I will say: "Keep the pressure from the young and you will live longer!" - insists Kostyantyn Vakulenko.
Press center of DOS of Poltava Regional State Administration