The staff of the institutions are preparing for financing in a new way

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The staff of the health care facilities are preparing for financing in a new way
January 31 and February 1 at the training center of the Poltava Regional Clinical Hospital. M.V.Sklifosovsky specialists of medical and prophylactic institutions studied the peculiarities of financial-economic and analytical work in the conditions of realization of pilot projects of financing hospitals on the model of clinical and cost groups
The Advanter Health Company, with which the DOS of the Poltava Regional State Administration has a Memorandum of Understanding on the development and implementation of strategic plans for the development of the health care system of the Poltava region for 2019-2022, has started a series of trainings for DOS specialists, information-analytical center and 78 medical institutions of Poltava the area. The first phase of the cycle included 10 trainings, in which over 300 students took part. National experts were invited as moderators and trainers who participated in international projects conducted by the World Bank and USAID in the field of healthcare economics in Ukraine.
"In 2019, in Poltava oblast, 3 pilot projects will be carried out to finance health care institutions as a result of medical and diagnostic work. In particular, according to the draft resolution of the CMU, from April 2019, 45 hospitals will be funded by the model of 50 clinical and cost groups, and from July, secondary health care institutions will receive payment for a number of laboratory and instrumental research. Therefore, it is important to carry out before the start of these pilots systematic work on the training of medical staff to work in new environments. During the training sessions, we reviewed the main provisions of the pilot projects, the preparation of forms 066 / o in hospitals, the function of data quality control, the rules for submitting monthly reports on treated patients with NSAIDs, the analysis of expenditures of medical institutions for 2018, assessment of the real cost of laboratory and instrumental studies in 12 medical institutions ", - commented the coach Sergey Dyachenko, deputy director of the DZ" Center of medical statistics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "
Accounting and cost analysis was conducted in accordance with the Methodology approved by the CMU of Ukraine dated December 27, 2014, No. 1075. In 2018, within the framework of the USAID-funded Abt Assiciaties (USA) project, institutions in the area learned how to use the module U-CostingPro. The thrust of economists considered the practical steps that need to be taken by the institutions for the cost accounting of 2018 and the calculation of the cost of inpatient treatment, the cost of bed-day and separately - hotel services, the cost of medical care at the outpatient clinic level, etc.
The FinHealth module, access to which is open to all oblast institutions, DOS Poltava, the Information and Analytical Center, and, as appropriate, the specialists of the NSDC and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, is used for the formation of data on treated patients, their testing and submission to the NSAU in the Poltava region.
According to the plan of work, hospitals should within a week send their reports in January to the NSUS, in accordance with the regulations approved in the area, and by the end of February - to complete the cost accounting for 2018.
The presentation of the results was announced on the middle of March.
02/05/2012 Press Center DOS ODA