About project

At the request of the Government of Ukraine International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter - the World Bank) and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (hereinafter - the Ministry of Health) and structural units of regional administrations responsible for health, since 2012 year implemented a range of measures to prepare the project "Improving health in the service of the people" (hereinafter - the Project), aimed at supporting health care reform. Project implementation period - 2015 - 2020 years.

Project goal - to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the government of the areas covered by the project, define, plan and implement activities related to health care reform.

The activities under the Project will aim to achieve three priorities in health care:

     1. The fight against non-communicable diseases with a particular focus on prevention;

     2. Improving the quality and effectiveness of care;

     3. optimization and restructuring of hospitals and outpatient service secondary level.