Workshop in Kiev on introduction to DRG for hospitals Kyiv and Kyiv region

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In Kiev chaired by the Deputy Director of the Department of Health Kiev State Administration Dmitry Turchak held a workshop on the implementation of the DRG for hospitals in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Subject the meeting: Common practical steps the MoH of Ukraine and IBRD (World Bank) on the introduction of DRG

Moderator of the meeting - S.Dyachenko, deputy director of "Center for Health Statistics MoH of Ukraine" (hereinafter - CMS MoH) (

In the work of the workshop took part:
      - representatives of the Department of Health Kiev Regional State Administration ((hereinafter - RHD)
      - regional Coordinator DRG implementation in region
      - representatives of the Regional Information and Analytical Center for Health Statistics
      - representatives of 16 hospitals of Kiev and Kiev region: Head doctors, Deputy for Economic, Coordinators on implementation of DRG, Heads the Department of Statistics (list of approved by RHD)

As a result of the meeting the following decisions were adopted:

Tasks Deadlines
1 Hospitals give RHD letters on readiness to participate in the projectб orders for the appointment of coordinators and certified Head Doctor approved sample Questionnaire (attached) 13.06.2016
2 Hospitals give to CMS MoH ([email protected]) certified Head Doctor approved sample Questionnaire (attached) 15.06.2016
3 RHD sent a letter to the MoH of Ukraine concerning the composition of hospitals that are willing to participate in the project (to replace the MoH order of Ukraine from 17.03.2016 № 150) 15.05.2016
4 Hospitals enter statistical data form 066/o for patients treated in May 2016 in a software MEDOK 30.06.2016
5 The next training for statisticians and economists hospitals will be held in the 1st decade of July 2016 (Date to be agreed upon with RHD later) to 10.07.2016

Materials for Health Statistics Center MoH Ukraine sent to - [email protected] and [email protected]

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S.Dyachenko. Common practical measures the MoH of Ukraine and IBRD Project (World Bank) on the implementation DRG 4. С.Дяченко - Практичнi заходи з впровадження DRG в Українi, ДОЗ Киев (prn)_171.pdf