3rd mission: Meeting on preparing hospitals Volyn region to collect data on project implementation DRG

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During the 3rd mission of WB project held a workshop with pilot hospitals Volyn region cluster "Reform of hospital financing", which was discussed the work plan of hospitals on preparations for the collection of data on treated patients (form 066/o).

Subject the seminar: Common practical steps the MoH of Ukraine and IBRD (World Bank) on the introduction of DRG

Moderator of the seminar - S.Dyachenko, deputy director of "Center for Health Statistics MoH of Ukraine" (hereinafter - CMS MoH) (http://medstat.gov.ua)

In the work of the workshop took part:
      - representatives of the Department of Health Volyn Regional State Administration ((hereinafter - RHD)
      - regional Coordinator DRG implementation in region
      - representatives of the Regional Information and Analytical Center for Health Statistics
      - representatives of  hospitals Volyn region: Head doctors, Deputy for Economic, Coordinators on implementation of DRG, Heads the Department of Statistics (list of approved by RHD)

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S.Dyachenko. Common practical measures the MoH of Ukraine and IBRD Project (World Bank) on the implementation DRG 4. С.Дяченко - Практичнi заходи з впровадження DRG в Українi, Волинь (Site)_180.pdf
Profile healthcare institution (template) 3. Анкета ЗОЗ - 'вказати назву ЗОЗ' (шаблон)_181.doc