The Working Group on Standardization of medical information with Z.Sabic

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In the working group included:
    - Lisnevska Natalia - Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine
    - Andrey Izmailov - Deputy Director of "Ukrainian Information Centre" Health of Ukraine
    - Members of the working group: A.Piskun, M.Holubchykov, A.Horban, A.Kovalenko, S.Dyachenko
    - Invited persons: P.Belli, Z.Sabic

    1. On the World Bank review of the results of the Working Group and consideration of current issues of standard medical information
          Speaker: Piskun AM 10 min
    2. Approval of the list of basic standards of medical information
         Speaker: O.Kovalenko to 15 minutes. A.Horban. 10 min