Extended Meeting of the Subproject Management Unit and the Evaluation Committe in the Lviv oblast

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The operation of the "Preventive oncology and the implementation of effective anti-tumour technologies in Lviv oblast" Subproject has arrived at hardly the most important stage - the procedures of international procurements of medical equipment.
Thus, the consultants, together with the Subproject Management Unit, with the support of the Project Consultancy Support Unit for the "Serving People, Improving Health" Project, have drafted bidding documentation pertaining to the two largest and most important procurements within the Subproject, specifically "Equipment for microscope diagnostics, for colposcope diagnostics" and Equipment for radiological diagnostic methods.
Technical specifications for the indicated procuremens have been prepared in cooperation with medical experts specialised in these types of equipment, and therefore the role of the medical personnel in the assessment of the received bids is extremely important. So on March 22, about 20 doctors, specifically the heads of the departments for CT, X-ray departments, radionuclide diagnostics, minimally invasive surgery department, and cytologists, gynecologists, and surgeons gathered in the office of the Subproject.
The participants got familiarized with the basic rules of the World Bank on the procurements, and the rules pertaining to fraud and corruption.
The head of the Health Care Department and the Subproject Coordinator, Mr. Bohdan Chechotka, stressed the importance and the significance of work that is to be assigned to the doctors.
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