Name of subproject:
Support for Health Reform Dnipropetrovsk region
Time of implementation:
2015 - 2019 years

Characteristics of the object

This Sub-Project will be implemented for the target group - patients from the high-risk groups and patients with cardiovascular disease.Number of deathsand disability amoungthe peopledue to circulatory diseases in general remain high in Dnipropetrovsk region.

Despite anintensive use of inpatient care, number of deathsfrom acute myocardial infarction (11.1%) and stroke (19.2%) remainextremely high.

The project is planned to be implemented withthe World Bank loan  (40.0 mln. USD.)and co-financing from the local budget (25.2 mln. USD.)

In the implementation of sub-projects will involvenextcomponents:centers of primary health care, three high capacitycity hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk, Kriviy Rig and Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovsk regional Base of special medical supply, the Capital Construction Administration, Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy, Regional Information and Analytical Center of Medical Statistics.

Department of Health Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration will control the Sub-Project implementation

Sub-Project is planed to providephysical accessibility of primary health care, which is essentialstage for the successful fight against the prevalence rateof cardiovascular disease amongpopulation and reduceofthe frequency of adverse effects To achieve this, it is planned to expand the network ofoutpatient clinics close to the habitat of the population. Additionally29outpatient clinics in Dnipropetrovsk and 35 in Kriviy Rig will be opened. All outpatient clinics will be provided with the necessary equipment and staffed with qualified personnel.

It is planned to provide adequate treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease at the primary level of medical care by improving clinical examination, continuous treatment, control of systematic treatment, reimbursement of the cost of antihypertensive drugs, etc.

At the secondary level of medical care - size optimization and restructuring of hospitals will be done. This means the formationof thehospitals ofintensive care.

In order to achieve these Sub-Project tasks material and technicalsupply need tobe done, information technologiesandeducational programs for medical and nursing staff need to be implemented.

Successful implementation of the project will improve the effectiveness, quality and efficiency of health care services for thepatients with cardiovascular 

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