First Conference of the "School of cytologists"

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On November 30, 2017, the 1st Conference of the "School of cytologistsy" was held in Lviv. The school of cytologists is an informal organization that will facilitate the exchange of experience, training, dissemination of new developments in cytology. The purpose of the School of cytologists is to bring togather and unite experts for the purpose of high-quality and effective cooperation in the field of cytology.
The school of cytologists was held on the basis of the medical centre Intersono, with the assistance of the Charitable Fund "Medical Mission".
The conference was attended by cytologists, biologists, and laboratory technicians. Orest Tril, Deputy head physician in the Lviv State Cancer Treatment and Diagnostics Centre spoke about the organization of cytological screening in the framework of the Preventive oncology program. In particular, Orest Volodymyrovych described the possibilities of routine cytology in regional laboratories and those of the liquid-based cytology in the Lviv State Cancer Treatment and Diagnostics Centre. Svitlana Struk reported on the status of gynecologic oncology service in the Lviv oblast.
"We are for qualitative diagnostics that will save a woman's life!"