Name of subproject:
Introducing an innovative model of providing services to patients with hypertension in Poltava region
Time of implementation:
2015 - 2019 years


In order to introduce effective measures to achieve the positive dynamics of health of Poltava region  the realization of sub-projects "Control of  blood pressure of  the urban and rural population of Poltava region in the age group of 40-60 years" is planned.

The aim of sub-project is to achieve the control of level of blood pressure of people aged 40 to 60 years in Poltava region, to identify all cases of hypertension in the early stages of the disease and to correct  factors of risk, non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment.

The basis of this sub-project  were the following problems of health care of Poltava  region.

-      the cardiovascular diseases dominate in structure of spreading of diseases among Adults 18 years and older - 43.6%; and hypertension in the structure of cardiovascular diseases - 48.1%, coronary heart disease - 31.1% and cerebrovascular disease - 15.1%;

-      prevalence of diseases of the circulatory system in  the structure of causes of disability among working-age people (11.4 cases per 10 thousand. ed. us.) for comparison - neoplasms (10.4); diseases of the musculoskeletal system (9.6); injuries (6.2) and diseases of the nervous system (3.3);

-      prevalence in the structure of causes of population's death due to diseases of the circulatory system  in 2012.(67.2%);

-      increasing  of the particle of diseases of the circulatory system in the structure of causes of death by 4.2% and coronary heart disease  in the structure of cardiovascular diseases - (66.6%) and cerebrovascular disease (26.0%), and excess  of coronary heart disease nationwide rate - 3.5%;

-      exceeding  of the mortality from cardiovascular diseases among the rural population by 52.8% compared to urban and from coronary heart disease by 78%; extraordinary prevalence of factors of risk for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: hypertension was detected in 47.1% of the adult population; overweight - in 56.8%, smoking - 44% of men and 16.5% women.

Proposed Sub-project will allow to create the conditions for improving prevention of  diseases among the population of the region by providing detection of high blood pressure  at the primary level, which is the root cause of many serious diseases of the circulatory system; optimization of examinations at the secondary sector  of in-patient care; improving the system of financial support and effective use of resources; ensuring the formation  the responsible attitude to the state of their health among the population, the desire to put their efforts to protect and strengthening health, the introduction of advanced information systems in branch of health care of Poltava region which are the main precondition for effective realization of the management process.

Benchmarks that allow to evaluate the results of the implementation of sub-projects and the achievement of its objectives are:

-      reduction of  mortality level  from acute myocardial infarction and fatal arrhythmias;

-      in 90% of cases the medicaid will be provided according to local protocols;

-      increase the patient’s  satisfaction by medical services due to the quality and safety;

-      the principles and approaches to provide medicaid for prevention of diseases fundamentally will change through economic instruments, optimization and restructuring of hospitals and outpatient services;

-      the capacity of health care system of region for prevention, treatment and control of the most important diseases, causes of death and disability will increase. 

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