Name of subproject:
Introducing an innovative model of providing services to patients with hypertension in Poltava region
Time of implementation:
2015 - 2019 years

Characteristics of the object

This Sub-project will be implemented for target groups - male and female population of Poltava region at the age from 40 to 60 years in order to control blood pressure.

High blood pressure leads first of all to the prevalence in the structure of causes of disability among working-age people by cardiovascular diseases, the treatment of which costs much.

The project is planned to implement at the expense of loans of the World Bank in the amount of 41.0 mln. USD and co-financing from the budget in the amount of 4.1 mln. USD.

such components as centers of primary health care, central district hospitals, local hospitals, Regional Clinical Cardiology health center, Regional Informational and Analytical Center of Health Statistics will involve in the realisation of Sub-projects. The current control for the realisation of Sub-projects will be carried out by the Department of Health care of Poltava Regional State Administration.

Sub-project provides for identifying the contingent (persons 40 to 60 years) with high blood pressure. This will require development of clinical practice recommendations for the management of hypertension and protocol of treatment; providing training for doctors and nurses. The next step is the measurement of blood pressure for a certain contingent of area once a year, which will be implemented through planning and immediate conduction of measurement of blood pressure on enterprises and by family doctors. Also provides the formation of electronic registry of residents whose blood pressure was examined.

Another task is to ensure non-pharmacological treatment for all patients with hypertension. It will be implemented by the help of instrumental examination of this contingent and additional electrophysiological examination in the laboratory.

The sub-project's task is also to provide pharmacological treatment of patients with hypertension, in particular, provides control of medical personnel in performance of the  treatment's plan.

Logistics equipment of process will be carried out to achieve these objectives of sub-projects, implemented informational technology, educational programs for medical personnel.

Thus, PHC centers will be equipped with updated and certified equipment of workplace (set for pressure measurement, phonendoscope, instruments for measuring growth, weight, blood glucose meters, cooler bag, ophthalmoscopes, centrifuges, defibrillators); daily monitor blood pressure, electrocardiograph to transfer of data; IP - cameras, consumables (test plates, vacutainers); furniture; computer hardware and software for all family doctors, it will be established internet connection; training for family doctors and nurses; developed guidelines for management of hypertension and treatment protocol; introduced "Electronic patient card".

CRH and CH will be equipped with updated and certified equipment laboratory (biochemistry analyzer, hematology analyzer, binocular microscope, semi-automatic urine analyzer); portable ultrasound machine with results of research, ultrasound machine, remote central station reception electrocardiograph "Tredeks" and "Yutas"; Holter monitoring system; ergometer; reagents; machine for centralized intake biomaterial; equipment for the training center; computer and software laboratories; multimedia systems; Internet connection will be established; performed training for medical assistants and nurses of laboratories.

The electrophysiological laboratory in the Regional Clinical Cardiology health center will be equipped with a defibrillator with the function of external stimulation; portable ultrasound machine with results of researching; Ultrasound machine of expert class; injector for injection of contrast fluid at CV and angiopulmonography, aortography; EFI (navigation ablation-system); endocardial pacemaker; mobile diagnostic complexes; computer hardware and software; central server.

In addition, a separate component of sub-projects are informational and educational programs for patients. Provision of the process provides logistical support of health center, training centers, Informational and Analytical Center of Health Statistics; Central Training Center.

Also the realisation of sub-project provides informational support.

Thus, the joint efforts of all components of sub-projects will ensure successful implementation of it and will lead eventually to improve medical and demographic situation and the probable increasing of average life expectancy.

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