Formation of New Generation Health Care Leaders

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Formation of New Generation Health Care Leaders
On February 4 of this year, during the hardware meeting, the director of the Department of Health of the Poltava Oblast State Administration Victor Lysak spoke about the participation of 10 heads of health care institutions at different levels of provision of medical care in the 1st module of the training program for managers in the field of health protection. I'm Leaders for Health.
Strategic Vision, Business Skills, Project Management, Leadership, Communication, and Implementation of Real Change on the Grounds - with such Focus On January 31, the Leaders for Health training program was launched in Ukraine. The program will develop the talents of health care managers so that they can effectively manage medical institutions in the process of implementing medical reform. The Leaders for Health program has been developed by Lviv Business School UCU (LvBS) and the Be-It Health & Social Impact Agency within the framework of the World Bank project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation.
The Leaders for Health curriculum includes 5 modules that will be held in Lviv and Kyiv. Participants of the program from the chief doctors and heads of departments of health care in seven oblasts (Lviv, Zakarpattia, Kyiv, Odesa, Poltava, Kharkiv and Kherson) will work with foreign and Ukrainian healthcare professionals. The goal of the program is to provide medical managers with tools for managing subordinate institutions and the necessary knowledge to understand the goals of reform for their implementation.
The program began on January 31, 2019 in Kyiv with a welcome panel discussion with the organizers and partners of the curriculum.
Von Zao, head of the World Bank Human Development Program in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, emphasized that the first Leaders for Health program is extremely important. "At a critical time for Ukraine, when the historical reform of the healthcare sector is being implemented, it is important that the managers in this area receive the knowledge and tools that will ensure its implementation at the local and national level," he emphasized.
"It is extremely important that the desire to change and learn not from the top but from the bottom, from those who will translate these changes into practice. Today the philosophy of the Ministry of Health is to cease to be "chief doctors" for chief physicians. Healthcare should become an independent autonomous industry, which politicians will regulate legally, but they will not be able to manage chief doctors, directors of health departments, etc. For this, managers need strong leadership skills, and I hope that this program will help build such leaders. They are definitely there, but they should be pushed and inspired, "said Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Pavlo Kovtonyuk.
"For the development of the program, we, together with our partners, have explored the challenges faced by healthcare managers and the changes that should be introduced at all levels of government in connection with the radical reform of the medical care sector. We believe that the managers who are aware of the challenges and are ready to learn come to us to take responsibility for the implementation of reforms and the implementation of changes in their subordinate organizations, "said Yarina Boichuk, CEO of Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS).
Natalia Olbert-Sinko, director of the Be-it Health & Social Impact, stressed that Leaders for Health was built on the basis of the competencies of the managers developed by the Global Healthcare Alliance. An important part of the training is the mentoring program: we want at least three of the strongest projects to be implemented as a result of learning, so their developers will receive mentor support from expert practitioners. It is important for us that you not only learn, but also move quickly with real projects, and we will help. "
During the 1st day of study, questions were addressed on the key components of a successful health system and the peculiarities of interaction between them. In particular, the principles of management, features of financing, human resources, medicines and medical technologies, medical information and provision of medical services.
The next training day was devoted to the health financing reform, the interaction with the National Health Service of Ukraine, the main aspects of the implementation of the E-health system.
During the third academic day of the 1st module, the main legal aspects of the transformation of healthcare and economic activity of the institutions in the new conditions were discussed, practical cases were solved from the work of the National Health Service of Ukraine.
Summing up, Victor Petrovich emphasized that "the curriculum is extremely important for forming the necessary competencies of leaders for the management of health care institutions in the context of the transformation of the medical industry."
The second module of the program will be held in the city of Lviv from 7 to 9 February.
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