Contract Award Notice ICB 7.1.6, Lot 5

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Contract Award Notice

Project Name:Serving People, Improving Health


Project no.:8475-UA

Procurement package no.:ICB 7.1.6, Lot 5

Procurement package name:"Specialized Medical Equipment for the Oblast Cardiologic Dispensary and Oblast Hospital”Subject of the Contract:

1.Laser ophthalmic photo-coagulator system — yellow-wave laser combined with green-wave — 1 pc

Term of the Contract:90 days

Evaluation currency:hryvnia.

Successful Bidder:

Name: Medgarant Ltd.

26, Dniprovska naberegna str., m. Kyiv, Ukraine,

Bid price (as submitted): 97 000,00 USD.  . 

Evaluated bid price (in the evaluation currency): 2 409 588,9 UAH
Contract price (in the evaluation currency):2 578 260,00 UAH


Пропозиції оцінених учасників:


Name:  OPTEKLtd.

Address: Kiev, Ukraine

Bid price (as submitted):114 971,50 EUR

Evaluated bid price (in the evaluation currency):3 371 781,00 UAH


Bids of evaluated Bidders:none