New equipment - new opportunities

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On February 27 this year, the Director of the DOS of the Poltava Oblast State Administration Viktor Lysak continued to sign contracts with the suppliers of the most up-to-date medical equipment for the medical and preventive facilities of the region.
Thanks to the implementation of the Sub-project "Implementation of an innovative model of the system of rendering services to patients with hypertension in the Poltava region", the World Bank Project "Improving health at the service of people" was able to get new, more extensive opportunities for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the inhabitants of Poltava region.
With the commercial director of the company MEDE-EXIM JSC Andriy Svetlov, an agreement was concluded on the supply of the shock wave therapy device for the regional cardiology center. Incidentally, the effect of acoustic waves that occurs when using such an instrument gives a healing effect to patients with angina pectoris. Under the influence of such physiotherapy in the cardiac muscle, the growth of new blood vessels is activated, which in some cases cancels the need for such serious problems as coronary stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting.
Useful for the diagnosis of the health of patients in the Poltava Oblast Clinical Hospital named after MV. Sklifosovsky will be the acquisition of three X-ray complexes - a contract for their delivery has been signed with the director of the company "Evromedtekhnika LLC" Oleksandr Kuznetsov.
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