Name of subproject:
Component of the health system in Vinnytsia region, aimed at improving medical care to patients with cardiovascular pathology
Time of implementation:
2015 - 2019 years

Characteristics of the object

                                                                                                Object description
                         This Subproject is implemented to the people of Vinnytsia region to reduce mortality of patients from cardiovascular diseases.
                       In the recent years, the expected life span has been most significantly affected by mortality and disability of the adult population caused by cardiovascular diseases, which has become the most common pathology in the region. Excess losses are 5.5 years.
                       The project is planned to be implemented at the expense of the World Bank loan amounting to 32.85 million dollars and co-financing from the budget in the amount of 6.86 million dollars.
                      The following components will be involved in the implementation of the Subproject: primary health care centers, central district hospitals, intensive care hospitals and routine treatment hospitals, city hospitals, Regional Information and Analytical Center of Medical Statistics. The current control over the implementation of the Subproject will be performed by the Health Department of Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration. Subproject involves the creation of conditions in the region to reduce mortality, reducing the period of patient's stay in bed and early rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disorders through the implementation of novel methods of treatment.

                     One of the primary objectives of the Subproject is the need to strengthen flow management of patients with acute cardiovascular diseases by optimizing the current pathway, ensuring compliance with local clinical protocols and forming an electronic registry of patients with cardiovascular diseases.
                     The next step is strengthening the quality of secondary health care and treatment effectiveness by concentrating technologies and improving the skills of the medical staff. Regional Center of cardiovascular diseases was created on July 01, 2014 within the framework of the Subproject by means of reorganization of existing Cardiology department of Vinnytsia City Clinical Hospital №1 .

                     It is planned that a new building of Vinnytsia Regional Cardiac Center is constructed and provided with equipment for specific types of research and treatment, as well as with relevant expendables.
In order to achieve these objectives of the Subproject, management process and results monitoring will be performed, which includes the establishment of indicators for the evaluation of the quality of treatment.

                   In addition, a separate component of the Subproject is information and education programs for the medical staff and patients. The provision for this process involves logistic support of the Regional Health Center, training centers, Information and Analytical Center for Health Statistics.

                    The Subproject implementation also involves publicity.
                    Therefore, the joint efforts of all components of the Subproject will provide for its successful implementation, and will eventually lead to the reduction in mortality caused by acute cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and coronary heart disease) and availability of highly qualified health services to all segments of the population.

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