Name of subproject:
Improvement of medical care to patients with cardiovascular diseases in the Volyn region


Improving of medical care of patients with circulatory system diseases in Volyn oblast


According to health statistics as of 2014 the most important problem in public health of  Volyn oblast is circulatory system diseases (CSD). Their prevalence takes more than half for 100 thousand of population aged from 18 and incidence - about 100%.

 CSD prevalence chart, 2014

cerebrovascular diseases - 8276,1 (including strokes - 380,7)

others - 4057,6

аll forms of hypertension - 31173,2

ischemic heart diseases - 21730,2 (including acute myocardial infarction - 108,3)

In the regional mortality structure circulatory system diseases take the first place - 68,1.  Mortality rate from these diseases is the highest among people of working age - 25,7%. The main causes of death among circulatory system diseases are: ischemic heart diseases (73,0%), cerebrovascular diseases (24,2%), others (2,8%). In the structure of primary disability from circulatory system diseases, the figure is 20,6%.²


From ischemic heart diseases - 72,3%

From other CSD - 2,8%

From cerebrovascular diseases- 24,9%

The analysis of all these indicators of CSD shows the lack of effectiveness of the existing prevention and treatment at all levels of health care. The existing network of medical clinics doesn't provide full access to skilled care through uneven location of primary health care establishments and complex communication connections. In addition, the lack of sanitary fleet makes it impossible to transport patients to the secondary level of assistance in emergency conditions, and insufficient provision of central district and city hospitals by diagnostic equipment makes it impossible to conduct professional selection of patients for the tertiary level of medical care. Measures currently being implemented in the region are local and do not provide full accessibility, quality, and coordinated continuum of medical care.

Taking this into account, the aim of the subproject is to reduce disability and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases by improving the quality of circulatory system diseases care.

To achieve the goal we plan to solve the following tasks:

1) to improve the quality of CSD care - provide a clear scope of services and the distribution of patients by level of care, to conduct a broad public awareness about CSD prevention, to introduce an electronic register of persons with high CSD risk and increase the amount of CSD health care services at the level of primary health care (PHC);

2) to increase the availability of health services for CSD patients both to primary health care facilities and to mobile primary health care services at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

For the realization of the sub-project tasks a number of activities are planned, including:

1) training of doctors, medical staff, health department managers of Volyn Oblast State Administration in Ukraine and abroad;

2) Internet connection in medical facilities of Volyn oblast, implementation of electronic registry system of patients with CSD;

3) the acquisition of the necessary diagnostic equipment to perform procedures at the primary level of health care;

4) the acquisition of necessary diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and consumable material for procedures in the secondary and tertiary levels of health care;

5) the acquisition of vehicles to provide mobile primary health care services;

6) screening examination of the population, creation of mobile diagnostic cardiac teams to conduct detailed further examination of patients of high and very high cardiovascular risk;

7) launching a massive information campaign among the population of Volyn oblast to reduce the incidence of CSD.

The target groups of the project are: health care workers (doctors and nurses), health department managers of Volyn Oblast State Administration and the adult population of the Volyn oblast.

The participants of the subproject implementation are: district hospitals of Volyn oblast, all the centers of primary health care (16 centers around oblast and 4 in Lutsk), Volyn regional clinical hospital,  Lutsk City clinical hospital.

The total cost of the project - $ 33 million. Of these, the World Bank’s funds - $ 30 million, the contribution of the Volyn oblast -. 3 million dollars.  Health Department of Volyn Oblast State Administration is the main executive body that will carry out the project coordination.

[1] Data from Volyn oblast Information and analytical center of health statistics, according to the form №12 «Report of diseases recorded in patients in medical facility service area for 2013" (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №378 of 10.07.2007).

[2] Data of Main Department of Statistics in the Volyn region.

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