Name of subproject:
Improvement of medical care to patients with cardiovascular diseases in the Volyn region

Characteristics of the object

In 2014, the CSD prevalence was 66850 for 100 thousand of population aged from 18 years, of which the majority (37,725) were all forms of hypertension. The number of newly registered CSD patients was 4,634.6 people per 100 thousand of population, the majority of which (1 914,9) - first registered hypertension sick and 1150,2 - coronary heart disease. The incidence of regional population with acute myocardial infarction increased in 2014, and it was 108 persons per 100 thousand adults¹. 

CSD prevalence chart
Ischemic heart diseases - 450,2
All forms of hypertension - 1914,9

Nowadays diagnosis and treatment of circulatory system diseases in Volyn oblast is carried out in accordance with approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Order of 03.07.2006, # 436) protocols of medical care on "Cardiology" specialty. However, these protocols are not effective enough, since there is non-compliance because of the different levels of providing health facilities with equipment and personnel, the inadequate qualifications of medical staff.

In this context and taking into account the situation with materiel, technical and personnel support of Volyn oblast, local protocols regulating all basic actions of health workers at all stages of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of CSD will be developed and implemented.

In addition, according to official data coming from the doctors of various units, CSD sick determine arbitrarily at what medical level to address. Therefore, the process of detection of the disease and early treatment is delayed, doctor spent time and resources of the health system ineffectively in a whole. To solve these issues, each of these protocols will contain a section that will deal with the patient's route and will clearly define the scope of services at each stage of help providing, the criteria for access to secondary and tertiary medical care, patient referrals for testing and treatment etc..

To comply with the protocols 1335 healthcare professionals (490 doctors of all medical treatment levels and 845 nursing staff) will be trained. To improve the professional level, and with the aim of getting the successful experience for primary care physicians, cardiac surgeons, physicians and health care managers of Volyn oblast throughout the years of the project activity study visits abroad will be organized.

According to the results of field surveys in 2012, in Manevychi district to identify risk groups among more than 2,000 surveyed           it has been found that 71% had high cholesterol, 48% - obesity. At the same time less than 45% of individuals with hypertension, 42% of patients with diabetes and only 1% of hypercholesterolemia knew about their illnesses, and anti-hypertensive medications were taken regularly only by 21% of patients with hypertension, whereas only 9.2% had recommended by doctors pressure¹.

Taking into consideration low awareness of Volyn inhabitants as to CSD risks, their  delayed visiting doctors for the prevention and treatment of diseases, in the project framework extensive awareness campaign will be carried out using various media sources.Participants of the Subproject are: district hospitals of Volyn oblast, all the centers of primary health care (16 centers around oblast and 4 in Lutsk), Volyn Oblast Hospital, Lutsk and Novovolynsk town clinical hospitals.

As a result of the project implementation we expect to achieve the following results:

- Increasing the number of citizens' visits in primary care clinics,

- Reducing the load level on family doctors, which does not allow to work effectively with patients,

- Reducing the number of patients with hypertension of I-II stages, who are treated at the secondary level,

- Increasing the number of examined patients and those who have been provided with appropriate assistance;

- Increasing the number of successful surgical procedures and reduce the number of deaths.

In general, a subproject that is being implemented in Volyn oblast, aims to improve the professional level of medical workers, improve materiel and technical support of medical institutions to carry out extensive public awareness on the prevention of CSD, their early detection and treatment.


[1] Data from Volyn oblast Information and analytical center of health statistics, according to the form №12 «Report of diseases recorded in patients in medical facility service area for 2013" (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №378 of 10.07.2007).

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