Name of cluster:
Information and Communication
Time of implementation:
2015 - 2020 years


The project’s goals are: to create a unified system of public communications, to illustrate the concepts of the healthcare reform and its positive impact via different communication channels, and to study public feedback in order to further plan interaction with key audiences. Information and communication support, first and foremost, has to ensure access to the complete spectrum of info regarding medical institutions, available services etc.
The website and social media will play a significant role in the process of spreading the news and info. Therefore, online presence must become a key component of the general communicational strategy. As a part of this strategy, constant trainings of medical personnel in the public communication field are provided.
Creation of certain types and formats of content, and a system to ensure regular updates that will fulfill the requirements set by partners and public demand for reliable and objective information regarding healthcare reform are among top priorities.
People should communicate with other people. It is important to initiate personal communication instead of hiding behind press-releases. The audience wants to hear the leaders, who represent the organizations involved and the people developing and implementing changes.
An important aspect of success is ensuring wide public awareness about the solutions of current issues in healthcare field, as well as supporting the foundation of institutions aimed at maintaining constant dialog with the consumers, along with special platforms for discussion, particularly on the Internet.
National reform council emphasises the important role of communication in its report «Monitoring reform progress» after 9 months in 2015. Effective communications allow for clear explanation of the contents of reformation process and report about it to high standing political leaders as well as general public. This helps to keep customer’s and media’s attention to «key and often unpopular questions regarding the changes implemented».
Therefore, the main concepts, on which the informational and communicational support of the reforms implemented in the healthcare field is going to be based, are:
Honesty and transparency
Broad involvement of organizations and people
Proactiveness and initiative
Cooperation with all of the key market players and opinion leaders
Leader participation.
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