Name of cluster:
Information and Communication
Time of implementation:
2015 - 2020 years

Characteristics of the object

The basis for the "Information and communication support for the health care reform" cluster should be the appropriate strategy - a set of information products and system of actions - that through the cooperation with media and civil society organizations, in partnership with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, will create the main channels to distribute the information and receive a feedback on all aspects of health care reform.


1. The development of the Information and Communication Strategy (ICS), that will provide the comprehensive support and maintenance of health reform in Ukraine.

2. Creation and implementation of a system for reform information support that will consist of the following components: content creation center, the system channels of information dissemination and audience involvement, mechanisms for analysis and taking into account feedback from the audience.

3. Information policy development for the state institutions in the center and across the country involved in the implementation of the health reform in Ukraine, the system of internal and external communication, resource sharing, training and cost optimization.


The current conditions in the country is not favorable for a number of reasons including objective and subjective factors. 

The key features that influence the process of implementing all activities in the frame of the sub-project:

  • low level of public trust in government institutions;
  • low awareness of key audiences on the merits, course and results of health reform;
  • consumers doubts about the quality and efficiency of health services;
  • low level of awareness of the latest advances in medical science and practice, prevention and treatment of disease.

According to research agency GFK Ukraine and analytical company TNS, the public is very badly informed on the progress of health care reform. Only 22% of respondents had heard or read about the progress of the reform in this sector. Indicators reforms The study by GFK Ukraine and TNS confirms: public evaluates the progress of reform in the health sector as very poor. Thus 49% of respondents believe that no change takes place at all, and 34% - that there is almost no change.

Індикатори реформ

The situation in the communication and information system with key audiences in health sector is one of the main risk factor: 

  • lack of reliable communications tools and ensuring transparency and access to information; * lack of qualified staff to conduct effective communication with target audiences;
  • lack of overall information strategy that takes the interests of target groups, NGOs and regional offices of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine into account;
  • low level of cooperation with the media and opinion leaders; * lack of activity in the field of modern media technologies and social media;
  • absence of active role, which involves not only widespread, but also self-generate the required content. Under such conditions, it is critical to establish stable and effective channels of information exchange with the public, creating and distributing relevant messages and receive feedback from all parties interested in the success of the reform.


The strategic aim of the sub-project is to increase the confidence of the citizens of Ukraine into the state health care system by providing a complete, objective and up to date information about the progress and results of the health reform in Ukraine. The creating of the system for receiving community feedback for rapid response and adjustment of the reform strategy. The active use by the reform process participants, specialists, experts, government agencies and organizations of the modern information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency of its own operations and cost optimization.

Stages of the cluster activities:

1. Development of Information and Communication Strategy (ICS).
2. The implementation of the key components of ICS. Refinement and adaptation of ICS.
3. Monitoring and evaluation of results.


The strategy of information and communication support of reforms should be developed with taking into account all key characteristics of the main segments of the audience.

These segments are:

  • the mass audience,
  • professional environment (medical personnel and specialists),
  • journalists and media activists,
  • representatives of the public administration, as well as activists and public sector organizations.

Mass audience: a general population of Ukraine: Ukrainian citizens 18 to 55 years of age, socially active Internet users, people who have their own active social views, opinion leaders.
Professional environment: Medical staff of public sector entities, owners of medical companies, higher and middle management of companies, employees of other agencies of the Ministry of Health; military doctors and medical staff of medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine; scholars and students of the universities.


The results of the initial polls and opinion testing should help to tailor the purposes and objectives of the communication strategy, identify key messages for content distribution characteristics, improve primary and secondary channels of communication and tools to measure their effectiveness.

The selection of the company that will develop methods and technologies of communication strategy implementation for health care reform support will be the result of the competition through review of submitted tender proposals. The developed and approved communication strategy and its implementation plan will be mandatory for the information campaigns creating, which will also be segmented by target groups defined as "mass audience", "professional environment", "representatives of public institutions" and so on.

Target groups and communication channels:
Mass audience - TV, radio, central and regional media, the Internet, social networks, social advertising, event activities. Professional - conferences and seminars, exchange of experience, education, training, professional competitions, corporate and popular publications.
Government, Media, NGOs - roundtables, press conferences, press tours, competitions for journalists and NGOs.

The real life stories should become the key format for the information and communication campaign to be able to respond to the main issues of the medical sphere and demonstrate the benefits of the new health system.

The main outcome indicator of the information campaign success will be the low level of the negative attitude of the community to the health care reform as a result of media reports and increasing the number of reports with benefits and prospects for health reform.


Evaluating of the effectiveness of information and communication campaign will be based on achieving the expected sub-projects results, which include the following:
* the establishment and operation of an effective communication system for the health care reform in Ukraine;
* establishing an effective system of communication with target groups, the media, NGOs, regional offices of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and creation of information exchange between the groups;
* Influencing on the public opinion through communication channels and building awareness in the community of the new model of the health care in the country;
* better communication ability of the key personnel involved in the field of health care reform. Indicators that will allow to evaluate the results of the Cluster As a result of the sub-project activities implementation it is expected the achieving of the following specific results:
* increasing the number of media reports on the progress of health reform, its advantages and prospects;
* increasing the number of the media and NGOs requests for information about the reform progress;
* increasing the number of social actions to promote healthy lifestyles;
* increase in the number of visits to the website and requests to the "hot line";
* reduction of negative reports about the shortcomings of the medical system.

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