Name of cluster:
eHealth Development
Time of implementation:
2015 - 2020 years


       The overarching objective of the activities  supported  under the  Project  is  to  set  the foundations  for the improvement  of information management in the health sector in Ukraine.To fulfillits objective, the Project underthis subcomponent eHealth would pursue the following two goals:

Goal1:To create a better regulatory and institutional environment that would coordinate, stimulate, and integrate the development of e-Health solutions at all levels(local and central).

Goal2: (once Goal1 is achieved): To improve the MoH stewardship capacity by introducing state-of-the-artcentral information systems,whichwould:

  - allow better integration and data collection/exchange

  - enhance the MoH capacity to plan,implement,and monitor health programs.


The first goal will be achieved through the following activities:

a.   The creation of a new e-Health Development Framework(eHDF).

b.   The establishment of e-Health national compulsory standards and regulations, which would allow dataintegration and exchange.

c.   The establishmentof central reference registries:these registries would allow shared use of basic codes and data defined by appropriate standards and regulations.The registries would include:

                         - a health data dictionary;

                         - a registry of health providers;

                         - a registry of health professionals;

                         - a registry of health services;

                         - a diagnosis coding system (ICD-9,ICD-10).

d.   Strengthening the capacity of health and IT specialists working in the healthcare sector, through:

                         - development and implementation of new curricula form edicalinformatics, according to international best practices;

                         - organizing and conducting learning events on e-Health development;

                         - training and retraining of IT professionals in the healthcare sector;

                         - improving IT staffing standards and regulations.

The second of the two goals above(introduction of state-of-the-artcentral information systems)would be considered if and only if the first goal is achieved.To achieve this second goal, theMoH would undertake the following activities:


a.   Establishing a central dataprocessing center(DPC)that would serveas a physical hosting platform forall central systems.

b.   Creating  a  central  data  exchange  and  “integration  bus”  that  would  link  different information systems,operating with different protocols,including systems provided by private companies(subject to the requirements of interoperability).

c.   Developing a central electronic patient registry(EPR).This would be the new information system for collecting, registering, storing,updating,using and disseminating information about individual patients and themedical caretheyreceived.52,53

d.  Implementing the central health management information system(HMIS).This would collect, store, and provide analysis of administrative, financial and performance data.

e.   Piloting a new ePrescription system that would ensure recording and administration of all prescribed medications.This would   enable MoH  to  assess theirefficacy,conformity with theofficial formulation, and to analyze their cost.

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